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At Huawei, we have always been committed to giving our consumers the best experience, and we believe that open ecosystems are the best way to do that. We have made huge progress in our development of the Huawei AppGallery recently, with over 1.5M developers and content providers currently working on the platform. Now we want to introduce another way for Huawei users to get to what they love.

This new tool will give Huawei users more control over what and how they download onto their devices, and we are happy that we can bring this open access to our users.

Find Apps

How to get your Petal Search Widget

  • Step 1

    Download Petal search from AppGallery, install it.

  • Step 2

    Go to Home Screen, Press and hold or pinch together two fingers. Tap Widget.

  • Step 3

    Select ‘Petal Search‘ from the widget options (Scroll left or right to find).

  • Step 4

    Touch on the widget to add it to the home screen. If there is no room on the current screen page, touch and hold it, then drag it to a different screen page.

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How to search & download your app easily

  • Gleaming

    Instant accessible Widget

  • Smart

    Top popular recommendations

  • Easy

    One click to download

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How to update your apps via Petal Search Widget

Search your app and choose update. Or manage your download apps from ‘me’

  • Search Result Page from search Bar

  • Check out ‘me’, Click the Downloads -> Updates

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Why not try and install apps you want with Petal Search today!

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