Find the apps you want on HUAWEI AppGallery

Worried about the safety of your device when downloading apps?
HUAWEI AppGallery is here to help you.

Why should I use HUAWEI AppGalley?

Real name authentication of developers, safe downloading.

Exclusive four-layer detection*, eradicate viruses and loopholes.

Smart suggestions based on preferences and location.

* Exclusive four-layer detection includes privacy check, security vulnerabilities scanning, malicious behavior detection and manual real-name security check.

How do I use AppGallery?

Find and open up the AppGallery on the home screen.

Insert the name of the app in the search box to download.


What can I find on AppGallery?

Roaming Services

When you are abroad, roaming services will recommend local popular apps.

Open AppGallery > Me > Settings > Country /Region, select your location.

You will find NEW APPS WE LOVE, Top collections and other recommendations in that area.

Click the arrow to see the next step


If cannot find an app, add it to the Wishlist. Fill in the app name accurately, provide detailed descriptions, upload relevant images when possible and submit the request. AppGallery will try to find the app for you.

AppGallery will send a notification to you when the app is ready. You can also choose the Auto-install option to have it instantly once available.


HUAWEI users can also enjoy exclusive Gifts on AppGallery. CLAIM them right after downloading relevant apps, including vouchers, discount coupons and VIP privileges, etc.

AppGallery gathers amazing and useful applications around the world for you.

*Reminder: The instructions above are followed with EMUI10 as an example. It may be slightly different in other versions. Please adjust according to your actual situation.