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Before you start, please make sure you have read the Quick Start Guide provided with your new phone and carefully inserted your SIM card. You can now press and hold the Power button to turn on the device and follow the prompts on screen to complete the initial setup.

Enter the Welcome page, choose your language, and tap GET STARTED. Then select your region and tap NEXT to continue.

Click the arrow to see the next step

On the Terms of use page, please read the End User License Agreement carefully. Tick the box if you accept the terms and details shown. Then, tap NEXT.

Learn relevant information about your data safety on the Data & privacy page. Once completed tap NEXT to continue.

The system will identify available networks. Choose a network and enter the password to connect. Once set up, tap NEXT to continue. If there is no network available, please tap SKIP.

If you have successfully connected your phone to a Wi-Fi network, the HUAWEI ID page will be shown next. You can either log in to your existing HUAWEI ID, register a new HUAWEI ID*, or skip this step if preferred.

*You can register a new HUAWEI ID at any point.

On the Device protection page, you will be required to set a numeric lock screen password. Follow the instructions to set the Fingerprint ID and Face Recognition features. You can skip this step should you not wish to set them now.

Enable the enhanced services you prefer on the Enhanced services and user experience improvement page, including WLAN+ and Weather services among others. To accept the relevant privacy agreements just tick the services. When you use these services after on, these agreements will not appear again. Tap NEXT to continue.

Choose whether you prefer future updates to be automatically done overnight or if you rather do it manually. Click ENABLE to get updates automatically, or UPDATE MANUALLY for manual updates.

Follow the instructions to restore your data from HUAWEI Cloud backup or another device. If you do not have any data to restore, please tap Set up as new device.

Try the different new navigation gestures, set them up and select the navigation method you prefer. To complete this set up please tap FINISH. This process should not take longer than a few seconds.

Click the arrow to see the next step

Congratulations! Your new device is ready now. Explore excellence with your new phone.