One of the greatest features of EMUI 10 is its high level of customization, allowing you to set up your smartphone exactly the way you want.

You can personalize the background, put the apps in a dedicated drawer or turn the notch into a notification bar. It only takes a few easy steps to make your device look and feel perfect for you.

Unique Themes

Give your phone a new face with an unique Huawei theme. It allows you to personalize your device by changing the wallpaper, the app icons or the fonts, as to reflect your every mood.

To choose a theme, go to Settings, tap Home screen & wallpaper and select Themes or open the pre-installed Themes app on your phone.

You might have to authenticate using your Huawei ID credentials. Here you can find thousands of themes, featuring animations, celebrities, art and literature, hand drawing or famous paintings. You can browse through various categories, view the top themes or view theme collections. After you find a theme you like, download and apply it.

Customize Theme

Take things a step further and customize a downloaded theme. You can change the lock screen style, the app icons, the text fonts or the lock and home screen wallpapers, by combining elements from various themes.

For example, you can select the lock screen style from one theme, the app icons from another theme and the background from a third one.


From the Home screen & wallpaper menu you can also set the desired background.

Simply tap Wallpaper and choose one of the existing images or pick your favourite picture from the Gallery. You can set it as Lock screen wallpaper, Home screen wallpaper or both. You can also download more backgrounds from Huawei Themes.

Magazine Unlock

If you are bored to see the same picture again and again each time you turn on the screen, you can now change that.

In the Home screen & wallpaper menu tap Magazine Unlock, enable this features and select the desired images. Now, a different picture will be displayed each time you turn on the screen.

Custom Lock Screen

EMUI 10 lets you customize the lock screen with a personalized message.

From the Home screen & wallpaper menu select Lock screen signature, enter the message you want to be displayed and tap OK. Now on the lock screen you can see your personalized message or your favourite quote.

Standard Layout

With EMUI 10 you can choose your favourite home screen style. If you like your apps to be spread across several screens, the default Standard layout is perfect for you.

In this mode, you can also rearrange the apps.

Tap and hold the icon until the phone vibrates, then drag and drop it to the desired position.

Choose layout

If you think the Standard layout is too messy and you want to tidy-up the home screen you can activate the Drawer and have your apps alphabetically arranged all in one place.

Go to Settings tap on Home screen & wallpaper select Home screen style and enable the layout you like most.

Adjust text & display size

Personalize the display settings and tailor the smartphone to fit your lifestyle. You can adjust the colour temperature, change the font or hide the notch in few easy steps.

To modify the font and the display size, go to Settings, tap Display & brightness and select Text and display size.

Here drag the slider to make the text larger or smaller. You can also adjust the display size, according to your needs.

Color mode & temperature

From the Display & brightness menu select Colour mode & temperature to modify the display colour settings.

If you like brighter, more lively colours, than the Vivid mode is perfect for you. If you want more realistic, natural colours select the Normal mode. You can also manually choose the preferred colour temperature.

Select one of the predefined colour tones or tap anywhere on the colour circle or drag the slider to adjust it. Keep in mind that the Default and Warm colour palette is more comfortable for the eyes.

You can also let the phone do the job for you. Enable Natural tone to automatically adjust the colour temperature based on the surrounding light, for a paper-like viewing experience.

Notch Feature

More and more smartphones nowadays feature a notch on the upper side. But not all users like it. EMUI 10 allows you to hide the notch by turning the top of the screen all black and transforming it into a notification bar.

To hide the notch, select More display settings from the Display & brightness menu, then tap Notch. Here enable Hide notch. Now the area surrounding the notch is darken and no longer visible.

If you don't want to leave the top of the screen unused, you can display there carrier's name or the network speed, besides the battery level and the notification icons. You can enable this options from the More display settings menu.